Online Learning has Just Been Launched!

It's great to welcome you to "The School of Drawing". I'm Tim, and I'll guide you through this "Drawing Natural Forms'' course. I've put together a host of animations, many films shot in different styles, helpful assignments, and worksheets you can download and use at your leisure. This course is perfect for those just starting with drawing, so don't worry if you have no prior experience. It is also great for those with little time on their hands who want to squeeze a bit of regular skating into their busy lives. I have structured this course on the seven elements of art: Line, Shape, Tone, Form, Space, Colour, Pattern and Texture, and I look forward to welcoming you onboard!

Introductory Offer £9 for lifetime access

This course is for all types of creatives, including hand-drawn illustrators and those seeking professional projects. Whatever length you buy it at, this course is set to grow, and it is more of a club than a course, with all the Photoshop classes gradually accumulating in just one place. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some prior Photoshop experience, this course offers an imaginative and immersive journey into digital artistry, and I look forward to seeing your Photoshop renders.

Introductory offer £9 membership for lifetime access